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Candle Fundraisers USA

Premium Soy Candles Manufactured by Glow Scented Candles



Candle Fundraisers USA provides your group with the best fundraiser available! Top-notch customer service, premium soy-blend products and high profits means successful fundraisers. There are no upfront costs, a wide variety of aromas available in jars, designer tins and scented melts, any size group can participate, free sorting, free shipping, and your group keeps up to 50% of all the money raised!

New!! Boost your sales with our NEW ONLINE SHOPPING option to reach your OUT OF TOWN family and friends.*ONLINE SHOPPING is available to those living in the 48 contiguous US states* Online sales are separate from your catalog sales and your group will earn 40% profit from the products purchased ONLINE. Your group will be provided with an online shopping link and ID. We encourage you to ONLY offer this to your out-of-town family & friends as CATALOG sales still bring in the highest sales and profits!

Contact Me to see how your fundraiser could be complete, with profits in-hand, in under 3 weeks.

Candle Fundraisers USA

Spring Brochure

Candle Fundraisers USA

Fall/Holiday Brochure

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What type of groups can benefit from fundraising with Candle Fundraisers USA? Candle fundraisers are perfect for High School Clubs, 4-H Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,  Cheerleading Squads, Gymnastic Teams, Youth Sports Teams, Travel Sports Teams, Competitive Dance Teams, Pre-Schools, Day Care Centers, School and Marching Bands, Booster Clubs, Drill Teams and many other clubs, schools, community groups and organizations. We serve groups in the 48 mainland states.

Candle Fundraisers USA has helped numerous groups reach their fundraising goals with our unique environmentally safe candles! Go Green! Burn Clean!

A Fundraiser That Is Simple!

Everything is provided to make your fundraiser a success!

  • free sales order forms

  • free shipping and pre-sorted orders by participant at no additional charge

Learn more about our program .... Our Fundraising Program





Creme Brulee Candle


All candles are made from a premium soy blend and are highly fragrant, triple-scented, from top to bottom. This means our candles have a longer cleaner burn, produce less soot and will retain it's fragrance each time it is burned. Learn more about our Spring Candles and Fall/Holiday Candles.

Candle Fundraisers USA is committed to giving you a first class fundraiser with environmentally safe candles and excellent customer service! Please take a look at our site and learn what we can do for your organization! Is your group ready to start fundraising? Contact us to sign up and receive all your supplies for free! Helping your group meet their fundraising goals is a number one priority with us!

Please contact Audrey Day, Independent Sales Consultant, to get your fundraiser started today!


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